About Sarah



I’ve been working in the field of marketing and communications for over 12 years. In each of my various roles, writing has played a large part.

When crafting a message on behalf of a politician, donor or CEO, I always try my absolute best to capture their unique tone and personality. If I’m taking the lead on an annual report, I’m insistent that it be a pleasure to read and not simply an occupational obligation on the part of a stakeholder. If it’s a print advertisement, I make sure the message and visuals are compelling and to the point.

In each task I take on, I aim to produce something that is of value to both the client and the audience.

This online portfolio is intended to give you a sense of any number of the following:

–       my style, my vibe, my approach

–       my handle on language, spelling and grammar

–       my grasp of varied subject matter

–       what’s important to me

–       what I could bring to your table

By featuring excerpts, as opposed to my works in full, it’s my hope that you get a broad sense of my capabilities without taking up a huge chunk of your time.

Less is generally more in my view (unless of course it involves bread and cheese).

I can be reached in the following ways:

Email: banks.sarah72@gmail.com

Mobile: 613 252 9177

Twitter: @sillpillow

LinkedIn: ca.linkedin.com/in/sillpillow/