Groundbreaking discoveries in genetics and biotechnology are occurring at an incredibly fast pace, but at what cost? Prof. Timothy Caulfield is breaking ground of his own by examining the legal and ethical implications of such discoveries.

 Excerpt from Canada Research Chairs brochure

The giving spirit is high at this time of year, and while there may be many competing causes, the Salvation Army speaks to many, by virtue of its long history and simple mandate. By filling the Kettle, you make a difference in someone’s life. Your generosity gives hope where hope may have been lost.

– Excerpt from speaking notes for Mayor Jim Watson, Salvation Army Week

Feedback is being sought on a number of items including existing commercial uses and location, appropriate commercial uses in a residential neighbourhood, proximity to main streets, and accessibility by way of cycling, walking, transit and driving. 

– Excerpt from City of Ottawa PSA, City seeks input on zoning study for local shops and services in residential neighbourhoods

Are you new to life in Canada?

Do you want to be more informed?  More at home?

Visit the City of Ottawa Immigration Portal – your one-stop-shop for answers to everything from employment and education to housing and health services.

– Copy from print ad produced for City of Ottawa

In addition to the anticipated lack of human resources in the coming years, there is also reason to believe that living longer, healthier lives will potentially pose a threat of double duty.

“Tomorrow’s caregivers could easily find themselves caring for both parents and grandparents,” says Keefe, “not unlike the sandwich generation, whereby one generation is caring for both their children and their parents.”

– Excerpt from a NewsCanada article spotlighting the work of Canada Research Chair, Janice Keefe

When the cold winter snap hits, our motivation to stay physically active invariably plummets – especially when it comes to outdoor activity. By decreasing our physical activity, we’re essentially ‘hibernating’ our hearts, which is not good for them.

– Excerpt from Be heart smart in the winter, published by the Canadian Health Network, an initiative of Health Canada

Virtual reality therapy allows patients to literally face their fears. By using software in a head-mounted display, patients are exposed to virtual 3D scenarios of the things that frighten them the most.

– Excerpt from a NewsCanada article spotlighting the work of Canada Research Chair, Stephane Bouchard