Sarah is a passionate communicator with a flare for words – she is straightforward, pulls no punches and engages people in an ongoing dialogue about the topics at hand, often ones related to neighbourhood preservation, community planning and public engagement. She does her homework and distills information in an engaging way that simultaneously educates, inspires and provides reasons to continue the dialogue. She makes people care about the topic at hand, and gives them new information to consider.

I had the pleasure of working with Sarah on several community campaigns and found her a dedicated volunteer who gave her time and talents for the benefit of others. I’ve used her for several writing projects and she displayed depth of research and willingness to go beyond the core assignment to get to the heart of the issue.

If Sarah’s on your team, you have a strong advocate, innovative big picture thinker and team player who brings the best out in others.

 – Marianne Meed-Ward, City Councillor, City of Burlington


Sarah is an intelligent and creative writer with a unique ability to write powerful and compelling marketing content across a range of mediums.  She’s always a pleasure to work with – highly professional with the added benefit of a wonderful sense of humour!

– Louise Bellingham, VP, Marketing, United Way Toronto


We hired Sarah to do some detailed research for one of our government clients. In a relatively short period of time she was able to amass some very useful findings and develop recommendations for our client’s communications approach. She is particularly talented when it comes to navigating the extensive information available on the Web and through social media, plucking only the most timely and relevant content.  

– Lise Beutel, Senior Business Consultant, UL Environment


Sarah brought a marketing communications perspective to my team that proved invaluable. Thanks to her ability to conceptualize and work with graphic designers, we now have a vibrant new look and toolkit.

– Sheilagh Dubois, Communications Manager, Canada Research Chairs


Sarah has a contagious passion for her work that drives her to create the most effective and original pieces possible. Her natural writing skills and diligent care for the perfectly crafted message make her an outstanding communicator.

– Susan Stein, Copy Manager, Corel Corporation

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